Friday, January 20, 2017

Valentine's Day Done Right

This is the year: the year that we CRUSH Valentine’s day! We’re not bragging, but we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out just what it takes to have the best Valentine’s yet. Don’t believe us? Just get to scrolling and share with your Valentine so they know what’s up.

We prefer x’s to o’s on Valentine’s day which is why only a statement cross neck sweater like this will do. Style tip: heart balloons make an excellent accessory 

Valentine’s check list: douse ourselves in roses, lace ourselves in romantic tops and perfect our red pout!

But we’re also partial to a pink pout, so long as it’s served up with a matching clutch and ruffled blouse fit for romance…

Oh and jewels…

LOTS of jewels!!

And chocolate (you know, to go with the jewels?)

Just don’t expect us to share…

Told you heart balloons make the best accessory! Get all that Valentine? ;)

Like what you see? Our Valentine’s collection is available now at: The Blue Door Boutique

XO- Blake

Friday, January 6, 2017

4 Step Closet Cleanse

The start of the New Year is like a breath of fresh air. It’s the reset button we all crave after overindulging over the holidays and gives us the opportunity to leave various disappointments and heartaches of the past year behind. In the spirit of cultivating mindfulness and putting our best foot forward (in style!) in 2017, here’s a 4 step guide to clearing out your closet and some timeless pieces to help you dress for success in the New Year. Cheers to 2017!

Step 1: The Decluttering:  Remove all the pieces of clothing from your closet that:

A)     You haven’t worn the past year

B)      Are too worn down

C)      Don’t make you feel confident/ don’t excite you

If actually giving away these pieces feels too overwhelming, put the ones you are questioning keeping into a box. Hide the box away and see if you miss the clothing items. If you find yourself not noticing their absence, then it's time to get rid of them.

Step 2: The Organizing- This is up to your personal preference, but these two methods are tried and true: 

A)     By color, this is helpful because if you know you’re looking for a specific blue item, for example, it’s easily found in its section.

B)      By item type. Sweaters, T-shirts, tanks. Also an efficient way to locate a specific dress, etc.

Step 3: The Planning-. After all that clearing and organizing, your closet should be pleasant to look at and might even be looking a little depleted. No worries! Now it’s time to:

A)     Take inventory. Notice what you have a lot of and what gaps you may have. For example: Maybe you have plenty of dresses but after doing some clearing you’re only left with one pair of jeans. Maybe you have plenty of basics but are lacking in fun, statement pieces.

B)      Write down what you need. This will make you more mindful of the shopping you need to do in 2017.

Step 4: The Shopping- Yay! You’ve made it to the final and most exciting step. It’s time to build the 2017 wardrobe of your dreams while keeping a few important factors in mind:

A)     Stick to the list. After figuring out what you need, it’s important you stay on task and actually buy those items. Your closet and your wallet will thank you.

B)      Budget! After taking inventory of what you need, it’s important to set a realistic budget for yourself. By responsibly setting up a plan that works for you, you can eliminate any worries of feeling guilty for shopping because you know you are mindfully purchasing pieces that are both needed and within your budget.  
1.       Winter Waltz Dress $89
2.       Dip Back Suede Dress $42
3.       Nova Top $69
4.       Miley Suede Dress $98
5.       Krissy Crew Neck Tee $28
6.       Carly Faux Leather Jacket $69
7.       Audrey Suede Trench $66

XO- Blake

Friday, December 9, 2016

NYE: The Blue Door Way

Dropping temperatures and increasing joy! With Christmas but two weeks away - WOW - and New Year’s Eve coming shortly after, we’re doubled over with excitement! Our weekends are booked and all that’s left is to find the perfect outfits for each occasion. As much as we love our go-to sparkles for holiday soirees and New Year’s Eve, this year we’re leaning towards looks that are a bit more unexpected.  With a bold pop of color or a surprising layering piece, you can evoke just the right amount of festiveness. Shop our picks below!
1. These surprising looks are as festive as they are unexpected! A velvet choker here, a jumpsuit there; you’ll have no trouble getting that midnight kiss in these ensembles!  
  2. Metallic hues are just what you need to get in the celebratory spirit! Plus, they pair so well with a glass of champagne…
       3. Our love for lace refuses to fade! We are especially smitten with the pops of fuchsia in these looks. You’ll stand out in the sea of LBD’s and sparkles for sure.
      4. You can’t forget a stylish layer to complete your look and combat the winter chill. With luxe velvet, suede and fur; these toppers couldn’t be any more fabulous!

XO- Blake

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Blue Door Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season to be shopping (for others of course)! Christmas season is finally upon us and we are just all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about the hot chocolates and movie marathons to come. With so many options and so little days, finding the perfect gift can quickly turn from a fun search into a serious stressor. Make things easier for yourself with this handy guide that will help show your appreciation for all the stylish besties and women in your life at whatever price range suits you! Cheers to that!

1. Our under $30 category is brimming with sparkles and lace! Perfect for stocking stuffers or budget friendly gift swaps, these gifts are sure to delight.
2. You’ll score major points with anyone for one of these dreamy cardis or that fab faux suede tank! These looks are perfect for the coming winter months and completely swoon worthy!

3. These splurge worthy items are full of luxe details like lace and leather trim and supple suede that will suit even the pickiest lady on your list! 

6. Autumn Sun Coat $66

XO- Blake

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

From Cozy to Dressy, We've got you covered!

Somehow it’s happened: we’ve turned our clocks back and are surrounded by early Christmas flair. In an attempt to not get prematurely swept up in the oncoming glitz of Christmas, we’re making an effort to pause for a month of gratitude that can so easily disappear into the chaos. November is a gift. It’s a month to pause and reflect on all we are grateful for. Whether you’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family, friends or both, this is the month to really pause and appreciate those relationships. A little early preparation for Christmas never hurt anyone (be on the lookout for our holiday look book launch next week!), but don’t let it overshadow the present month and the gift of time it gives.  So before we start planning our Christmas party attire, let’s focus on some looks for the special day of Thanksgiving!

 1. Rust is a Must! If we had to choose a color that best channeled the warmth and intimacy of Thanksgiving, this would be it. Whether you’re going fancier with a dress or keeping it cozy with a sweater, you can’t go wrong with rust!
1.       Carmella Lace Dress $46
2.       Bianca Sweater $44
3.       Burning Embers Dress $44
4.       Maisie Boxy Sweater $36
5.       Shay off Shoulder Top $39

2. Florals that will rival any centerpiece! You already know how obsessed we are with dark florals this season. Worn on Thanksgiving, they seem extra festive! Any of the looks below would be perfect.
1.       Burgundy Bouquet Top $34
2.       Faye Floral Blouse Navy $39
3.       Electric Kimono $44
4.       Midnight Blossom Kimono $48
5.       Faye Floral Blouse Plum $39

3. A second layer because we all know this is a day for seconds ;) These stylish toppers are the secret to making any outfit look put together.
1.       Aquatic Suede Jacket $49
2.       Cascading Coat $99
3.       XO Suede Jacket Green $49
4.       Piped Pockets Jacket $76
5.       Rock on Moto Jacket $64

4. Cozy sweaters to look cute and cover the post turkey bloat. When you’re lounging around with your family post large meal, you’ll be glad to be wearing any one of these adorable and oh so comfy sweaters.
 1.       Fernbank Sweater $42
2.       Audrey Sweater Taupe $46
3.       Overlapping Cowl Neck Sweater $34
4.       Royalty V-neck Sweater $48
5.       Ina Sweater $59

XO and Happy Turkey Day! - Blake

Friday, October 28, 2016

Off To The Races: Our Steeplechase Style Picks

Fall is officially in full swing! The leaves have taken on their new colors and are beginning to flee to the ground making for crunchy steps. The passing of October makes way for the newness of November when we trade our pumpkins for pumpkin pie. To the people of Columbus this means getting ready for the event of the season: Steeplechase! Always falling on the first Saturday in November, Steeplechase brings family and friends together for a day of fun watching thoroughbred horses race over timber and brush hurdles. Steeped in tradition, Steeplechase has become a cherished event that brings the community together.  Part of the fun lies in picking out the perfect outfit! The fall season at the track is buzzing ... and it has an energy and dress code of its own! From preppy tweed to classic plaids, the Blue Door picks below will help you channel the energy of Steeplechase and welcome November stylishly! (eccentric hat not included!)

Items clockwise starting from top left:

1.       Spencer Quilted Vest $40, Samantha Shirtdress $49
3.       Laura Ruffle Sweater Tunic $40
4.       Landry Plaid Dress $48
5.       Coralie Terry Dress $50, Plaid Blanket Scarf $28
6.       Favorite U Neck Dress $48, Patsy Plaid Vest $46
7.       Darby Dress $59
8.       Corduroy Shift Dress $46
9.       Metallic Tweed Shift $49
10.   Fall Blossom Blouse $36, Corduroy Cutie Skirt $46

XO- Blake

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Olivia Palermo's Style: Blue Door Prices

We all have that style icon we look to for endless fashion inspiration. For me that can-do-no-wrong, style goddess extraordinaire would be Olivia Palermo! She is continuously dishing out looks that have the perfect combination of classic and unique. So taking a few cues from her recent outfits, here are some BD pieces that channel the style star’s look!
1.       Gemini Dress $44
2.      Wrap Front Sweater, Oatmeal $42
4.       Sand Storm Sweater $39

1.       Royal Flush Cold Shoulder $32
2.       Knot Basic Tank $38
3.       Forest Pocket Tunic $49
4.       Sparrow Vest $64

XO - Blake