Thursday, October 20, 2016

Olivia Palermo's Style: Blue Door Prices

We all have that style icon we look to for endless fashion inspiration. For me that can-do-no-wrong, style goddess extraordinaire would be Olivia Palermo! She is continuously dishing out looks that have the perfect combination of classic and unique. So taking a few cues from her recent outfits, here are some BD pieces that channel the style star’s look!
1.       Gemini Dress $44
2.      Wrap Front Sweater, Oatmeal $42
4.       Sand Storm Sweater $39

1.       Royal Flush Cold Shoulder $32
2.       Knot Basic Tank $38
3.       Forest Pocket Tunic $49
4.       Sparrow Vest $64

XO - Blake

Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween: The Blue Door Way

GUYS. Halloween is 2 weeks away! Did anyone else let that creep up on them?! If you’re anything like me you’ve been putting off coming up with a costume for a while now and are starting to consider cutting two holes in a sheet and calling it a day. Well, have I got some good news for you! I came up with stylish costumes to avoid that very specific scenario AND they even double as an excuse to shop. This way you look good for Halloween and get some new clothes you will continue to wear after. It’s a win-win. You’re welcome.

1.   First up we’ve got a classic costume that’s always a winner: Cat woman! You’ll be fierce in this all black ensemble, and that leather crop top is perfect for weekends to come! Simply add a tail, ears and some killer shoes and you’re all set.  Meow. 

      2. Okay so here’s another classic that’s a bit different. As a forever Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan, I believe you can never go wrong dressed as the iconic Holly Golightly! Go glam in her signature black ensemble or rock a more casual look with those adorable pigtails. 
1.       Black Diamond Necklace $26
2.       Black Beauty Earring $22
3.       My Fair Lady Ruched Dress $59
4.       Sand Storm Sweater $39
5.       High Rise Black Skinny $59

       3.   If you’re craving a look more current but just as glam, gather all the pink, pearls and fur in sight to channel the one and only Chanel Oberlin from “Scream Queens”.  This can easily become a group costume if you just gather a couple of friends to be Chanel #2 and #3. Scream away. 
1.       Sleek Peek Top $44
2.       White Hot Textured Skirt $59
3.       Ariel Tassel Necklace, Pink $32
4.       Pinky Promise Tunic $42
5.       Celestial Tank, Champagne $34
6.       Double Wrap Pearl Necklace $36
7.       THE Fur Vest $56
8.       High Tea Peplum Top $58
9.       Fashionista Earrings, Light Grey $22
11.   Sherpa Chic Vest $46

       4. This may or may not be an option simply because I’ve had my eye on this dress for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option! The flapper is a fun and classy Halloween option, and a great reason to buy the dress! (It’ll be perfect for the holidays!)
1.       Double Wrap pearl Necklace $36
2.       Flapper Frock $59

5.  Okay this one is genius. With bell-sleeves and cold shoulders being so hot this fall, a hippie costume is the perfect excuse to make those trendy purchases! Simply add peace sign jewels, rose colored glasses and a flower crown for Halloween and then wear your new purchases all season long
1.       It’s Summertime Top $44
2.       Tie Dye Me Down Blouse $34
3.       Delicate Duet Dress $42
4.       Linda Poncho, Khaki $49
5.       Split Back Vest, Cream $36
6.       Elephants Marching Pants $54
7.       KARLIE Basic Flare Jean $98
8.       Seven Wonders Dress $46

*additional accessories in this post were found at Asos, Forever21, Party City and Etsy. 


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gameday Reboot

Football season is in full swing! After weekends of sweating and sneaking in water bottles to avoid dying of dehydration, I’m gladly welcoming the colder weather. Just the thought of boots and sweaters has me grinning like it’s Christmas morning. Okay fine I won’t go there yet….back to football…New season=new clothes! I’ve gathered all the looks you need to reboot your gameday wardrobe for the chillier months ahead! Depending on who you’re cheering for you may be longing for a team reboot as well (looking at you UGA).
1.       Keira Tunic, Navy $32
2.       Check Me Out Tunic, Navy $34
3.       Off Kilter Top, Rust $49
4.       Gemma Sweater, Navy $39
5.       WDE Tee $38
6.       Echo Sweater, Navy $32
7.       Safari Tencel Skirt $58
1.       Royalty V-neck Sweater $48
2.       Heaven Sent LS Tunic, Red $42
3.       Layered and Jeweled, Red $19
4.       Starlight Top, $58
5.       Picture Perfect Shift, Red $56
6.       Egyptian Tassels, Blue $19
7.       Check Me Out Top, Red $34
8.       Heaven Sent LS Tunic, Royal $42
1.       Riley Off Shoulder Top $32
2.       Berry Lips Cardi $52
3.       Dress it up Necklace $26
4.       Audrey Sweater, Grey $46
5.       All About Fall Dress, Wine $38
6.       But First, Tailgate Tee $34
7.       Patch Pocket Swing Sweater, Wine $34
8.       Beaded Tassel Earring, Burgundy $18
9.       Willa Sweater $49

1.       Audrey Sweater, Black $46
2.       Jetset Cardi $38
3.       Black Diamond Necklace $26
4.       Picture Perfect Shift, Red $56
5.       With a Twist Sweater, Black $34
6.       Layered and Jeweled, Red $19
7.       Black Beauty Earring $22
8.       Heaven Sent LS Tunic, Red $42
9.       Julianna Necklace, Black $25
10.   Sparrow Vest $64
11.   Rachel Maxi, Black $48

XO- Blake (And Go Dawgs!)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Dressing Five Ways

Though some might say their style falls under eclectic, many of us tend to be drawn to a certain niche that ultimately makes us feel like our best self. Some may even fall into the 100% category, like that friend you have with the color coordinated closet, but I think we can all agree that’s rare. Whether you are more drawn to classic looks or settle for nothing less than glam, I think you are sure to get inspiration AND hopefully some new clothes below. So which draws you in? Explore away!

1.  Does your heart race for only the luxe? Is animal print a neutral in your eyes? This is the category for you! Below are the fuzzy, shiny, printed picks that belong in any glam girl’s closet! I also think you’ll love this, this and this!
2.  Are you an expert at layering? Do you take trends and give them your own spin? You’re in the right section street style star! You don’t settle for anything less than eye-catching or unique, which is why I think you’ll love the picks below.  Plus a few extras can be found here, here and here!
1.       Painted Love Blouse $59
2.       New Terrain Jumpsuit $44
3.       Road Trip Crop Top $29
4.       Central Park Cardi $38
5.       Dez V-Neck Tee $38 and Extra Olives Trench $74

3.  Does your style lean towards the unique? Are you drawn to loose shapes and exotic prints? You’re probably as free spirited as you style! With touches of fringe and flowing silhouettes, these looks are right up your ally! The boho charm you crave can also be found here, here and here!
1.       Sand Tropez Tank, Burgundy $36
2.       Hey Lover Kimono $34
3.       Olive Open Back Sweater $49
4.       Violetta Dress $44
5.       Wildling Fringe Sweater $44
  Are stripes your go-to? Do you lean towards polished outfits with lasting style? The classic picks below are for you! With classy necklines, polished collars and scallop hems, these outfits are sure to make you swoon. For additional looks head here, here and here.
1.       Merlot Sleeveless Sweater $42
2.       Whitney Ruffle Neck Tunic $52
3.       Martinique Sweater $44
4.       Denim Darling Coat $79
5.       Kate Top $54

5. Do you get giddy at the sight of lace details? Are delicate florals and feminine colors your go-to? Embrace your inner romantic with the picks below! The airy fabrics and feminine details have will have you swooning. Similar looks also available here , here and here
1.       Crush on You Tunic $44
2.       Holocene Dress $49
3.       Cassiopeia Dress $49
4.       Dreamer Dress $34
5.       Heart Strings Maxi $69

XO Blake

Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Trends You Need this Fall

Pumpkin spice is in the air meaning cool breezes and changing leaves are soon to follow! Despite the seemingly stable forecast of 90 degrees (thank you Georgia), we’re reserving the right to be optimistic. If anything, we know it will come even if it is later rather than sooner. When it does finally arrive, you better believe these are the style must-haves we’ll be reaching for!

1.       Bell-sleeves have got to be our favorite built in accessory this fall! This fall style is a far cry from boring and offers a punch of personality to any outfit.

1.       So Seventies Blouse $59
2.       West Wind Tunic, Burgundy $42
3.       Salt and Pepper Sweater $48
4.       Judith March Jacquard Dress $98
5.       World Traveler Blouse $34

   2.  Florals can absolutely work past sandal season: just opt for deeper hues and thicker fabric, or pair with a trend-proof jacket to keep the look crisp. 

1.       Garden Stroll Dress $42
2.       Autumn Bouquet Maxi $54
3.       Love Song Dress $39
4.       Cold Shoulder Blooming Top $32
5.       Windy City Blouse $36
6.       Sunny Stroll Dress $48
7.       Black Garden Dress $59
3. We’re switching our laced-up sandals for sweaters and tunics donning the same alluring and edgy detail.
1.       Dream Catcher Tunic $59
2.       Blue Moon Lace-up Top $56
3.       Denim Lace-up Frock $54
4.       Teresa Sweater $56
5.       Malta Blouse $48

    4. Fall is the time to put away airy fabrics and turn up the texture. What better way to welcome the chill than with visually and tactilely pleasing suede?!
1.       Luxe Lady Vest $68
2.       Precious Cargo Jacket, Camel $42
3.       Incandescent Dress, Black $46
4.       August Suede Dress $54
5.       Incandescent Dress, Blush $46 
5.   Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you have to put your shoulders away just yet! Cold shoulder and off-shoulder styles are going strong this fall in warmer hues and cozy sweater materials. 

                                         1.       Woodland Sweater $64
                                            2.       Joli Cold Shoulder Top, Olive $39
                                         3.       Off Kilter Top, Rust $49
                                             4.       Courtney Sweater $44
                                               5.       Ocean Breeze Top $49

XO- Blake

Friday, September 9, 2016

Date Dressing Debunked

Getting ready for a date can be difficult or fun depending on your outlook. You can stress for hours about the perfect thing to wear, or you can let us help narrow your search! Instead of stressing, we invite you to sit back and enjoy picking out your perfect outfit from some common date categories below. We then strongly recommend you throw on your favorite upbeat playlist (BeyoncĂ© anyone?!) and ENJOY getting ready! Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary, the perfect outfit can help you enter it happy and confident.

1. Classic Dinner Date: This can be anything from early dating territory to a chance to leave the kids behind with a babysitter for a few hours. Wherever you are, the picks below are just what you need! 
1.       Off Kilter Top, Rust $49
2.       Starry-eyed Dress $49
3.       Gypsy Woman Top $34
4.       Dreaming of Paris Slip Dress $39
5.       Beso Blouse $38
6.       Sweet Serenade Dress, Slate $42

      2.Anniversary or Special Occasion : This is where you go all out! Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. We’re certain a wow reaction will ensue.
1.       Bisou maxi $79
2.       Nude and Lace Dress $58
3.       Side of Sexy Slip Dress $49
4.       Unteal Now Dress $48
5.       Head Over Heals Dress $54
7.       Sun Goddess Dress $79

      3. Day Date: This could be as breezy as coffee or a walk in the park. You’ll want to keep it casual for this kind of activity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look good!
1.       Terrific Tank, Charcoal $34
2.       Basically Striped Tee, Brick $29
3.       Tessa Kimono $49 and Lucy Layered Tank, Teal $29
4.       Dream Catcher Tunic $59
5.       Contrast Cutie Tee, Rust $38
6.       Totally Invested $56

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kickoff Football Season in Style

IT’S HERE! This weekend packs a double whammy of things we’ve been readily anticipating: Labor Day aaaaand Football Season!!! As excited as we are about a Monday off, it’s just the cherry on top of the start of many Saturdays to come spent screaming, celebrating and feasting (football snacks are the best snacks!) all in the name of our favorite team. Being raised in the South, fall Saturdays of my youth bring back memories of tail gates, cornhole, shakers and most importantly the comradery of spending those weekends cheering and celebrating, win or lose, with friends and family. So in the spirit of the kickoff to a new season, here are all the outfits you need for your most stylish football season yet! 

1.       Karena Swing Dress, Red $34
2.       T Back Knit Maxi $42
4.       BFF Dress, Red $44
5.       Panel Back Midi Dress $46
6.       Best Basic Tank Dress, Stripe $42
8.       BFF Dress, Black $44
1.       Halter Lace Bralette, Navy $24
2.       X Back Bralette, Apricot $25
3.       Aubrey Top $49
4.       Karena Swing Dress, Navy $34
5.       Cut it Out Dress, Orange $46
6.       Necessary Tunic Tee, Rust $28
7.       Savannah Swing Dress, Navy $34
8.       Nautical Candy Tank $49
1.       Perfectly printed Dress $36
2.       Karena Swing Dress, Royal $34
3.       Extra Strappy Dress $46
4.       Lookie Loo Dress, Red Dot $42
5.       Karena Swing Dress, Red $34
6.       Seaglass Off Shoulder Dress $69
7.       Pintuck Slip Dress, Red $46
1.       Dancing Coins Necklace, Silver $29
2.       Cut it Out Dress, Maroon $46
3.       Double Wrap Beads, Burgundy $29
4.       Karena Swing Dress, Burgundy $34
5.       Take the Field Tank, Crimson $32
6.       Margot Swing Dress $29
7.       Slouchy Caftan, Maroon $38
9.       Cable Knit Dress Wine $39
                      XOXO - Blake