Friday, January 20, 2017

Valentine's Day Done Right

This is the year: the year that we CRUSH Valentine’s day! We’re not bragging, but we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out just what it takes to have the best Valentine’s yet. Don’t believe us? Just get to scrolling and share with your Valentine so they know what’s up.

We prefer x’s to o’s on Valentine’s day which is why only a statement cross neck sweater like this will do. Style tip: heart balloons make an excellent accessory 

Valentine’s check list: douse ourselves in roses, lace ourselves in romantic tops and perfect our red pout!

But we’re also partial to a pink pout, so long as it’s served up with a matching clutch and ruffled blouse fit for romance…

Oh and jewels…

LOTS of jewels!!

And chocolate (you know, to go with the jewels?)

Just don’t expect us to share…

Told you heart balloons make the best accessory! Get all that Valentine? ;)

Like what you see? Our Valentine’s collection is available now at: The Blue Door Boutique

XO- Blake

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