Friday, January 6, 2017

4 Step Closet Cleanse

The start of the New Year is like a breath of fresh air. It’s the reset button we all crave after overindulging over the holidays and gives us the opportunity to leave various disappointments and heartaches of the past year behind. In the spirit of cultivating mindfulness and putting our best foot forward (in style!) in 2017, here’s a 4 step guide to clearing out your closet and some timeless pieces to help you dress for success in the New Year. Cheers to 2017!

Step 1: The Decluttering:  Remove all the pieces of clothing from your closet that:

A)     You haven’t worn the past year

B)      Are too worn down

C)      Don’t make you feel confident/ don’t excite you

If actually giving away these pieces feels too overwhelming, put the ones you are questioning keeping into a box. Hide the box away and see if you miss the clothing items. If you find yourself not noticing their absence, then it's time to get rid of them.

Step 2: The Organizing- This is up to your personal preference, but these two methods are tried and true: 

A)     By color, this is helpful because if you know you’re looking for a specific blue item, for example, it’s easily found in its section.

B)      By item type. Sweaters, T-shirts, tanks. Also an efficient way to locate a specific dress, etc.

Step 3: The Planning-. After all that clearing and organizing, your closet should be pleasant to look at and might even be looking a little depleted. No worries! Now it’s time to:

A)     Take inventory. Notice what you have a lot of and what gaps you may have. For example: Maybe you have plenty of dresses but after doing some clearing you’re only left with one pair of jeans. Maybe you have plenty of basics but are lacking in fun, statement pieces.

B)      Write down what you need. This will make you more mindful of the shopping you need to do in 2017.

Step 4: The Shopping- Yay! You’ve made it to the final and most exciting step. It’s time to build the 2017 wardrobe of your dreams while keeping a few important factors in mind:

A)     Stick to the list. After figuring out what you need, it’s important you stay on task and actually buy those items. Your closet and your wallet will thank you.

B)      Budget! After taking inventory of what you need, it’s important to set a realistic budget for yourself. By responsibly setting up a plan that works for you, you can eliminate any worries of feeling guilty for shopping because you know you are mindfully purchasing pieces that are both needed and within your budget.  
1.       Winter Waltz Dress $89
2.       Dip Back Suede Dress $42
3.       Nova Top $69
4.       Miley Suede Dress $98
5.       Krissy Crew Neck Tee $28
6.       Carly Faux Leather Jacket $69
7.       Audrey Suede Trench $66

XO- Blake

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