Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Trends You Need this Fall

Pumpkin spice is in the air meaning cool breezes and changing leaves are soon to follow! Despite the seemingly stable forecast of 90 degrees (thank you Georgia), we’re reserving the right to be optimistic. If anything, we know it will come even if it is later rather than sooner. When it does finally arrive, you better believe these are the style must-haves we’ll be reaching for!

1.       Bell-sleeves have got to be our favorite built in accessory this fall! This fall style is a far cry from boring and offers a punch of personality to any outfit.

1.       So Seventies Blouse $59
2.       West Wind Tunic, Burgundy $42
3.       Salt and Pepper Sweater $48
4.       Judith March Jacquard Dress $98
5.       World Traveler Blouse $34

   2.  Florals can absolutely work past sandal season: just opt for deeper hues and thicker fabric, or pair with a trend-proof jacket to keep the look crisp. 

1.       Garden Stroll Dress $42
2.       Autumn Bouquet Maxi $54
3.       Love Song Dress $39
4.       Cold Shoulder Blooming Top $32
5.       Windy City Blouse $36
6.       Sunny Stroll Dress $48
7.       Black Garden Dress $59
3. We’re switching our laced-up sandals for sweaters and tunics donning the same alluring and edgy detail.
1.       Dream Catcher Tunic $59
2.       Blue Moon Lace-up Top $56
3.       Denim Lace-up Frock $54
4.       Teresa Sweater $56
5.       Malta Blouse $48

    4. Fall is the time to put away airy fabrics and turn up the texture. What better way to welcome the chill than with visually and tactilely pleasing suede?!
1.       Luxe Lady Vest $68
2.       Precious Cargo Jacket, Camel $42
3.       Incandescent Dress, Black $46
4.       August Suede Dress $54
5.       Incandescent Dress, Blush $46 
5.   Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you have to put your shoulders away just yet! Cold shoulder and off-shoulder styles are going strong this fall in warmer hues and cozy sweater materials. 

                                         1.       Woodland Sweater $64
                                            2.       Joli Cold Shoulder Top, Olive $39
                                         3.       Off Kilter Top, Rust $49
                                             4.       Courtney Sweater $44
                                               5.       Ocean Breeze Top $49

XO- Blake

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