Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Dressing Five Ways

Though some might say their style falls under eclectic, many of us tend to be drawn to a certain niche that ultimately makes us feel like our best self. Some may even fall into the 100% category, like that friend you have with the color coordinated closet, but I think we can all agree that’s rare. Whether you are more drawn to classic looks or settle for nothing less than glam, I think you are sure to get inspiration AND hopefully some new clothes below. So which draws you in? Explore away!

1.  Does your heart race for only the luxe? Is animal print a neutral in your eyes? This is the category for you! Below are the fuzzy, shiny, printed picks that belong in any glam girl’s closet! I also think you’ll love this, this and this!
2.  Are you an expert at layering? Do you take trends and give them your own spin? You’re in the right section street style star! You don’t settle for anything less than eye-catching or unique, which is why I think you’ll love the picks below.  Plus a few extras can be found here, here and here!
1.       Painted Love Blouse $59
2.       New Terrain Jumpsuit $44
3.       Road Trip Crop Top $29
4.       Central Park Cardi $38
5.       Dez V-Neck Tee $38 and Extra Olives Trench $74

3.  Does your style lean towards the unique? Are you drawn to loose shapes and exotic prints? You’re probably as free spirited as you style! With touches of fringe and flowing silhouettes, these looks are right up your ally! The boho charm you crave can also be found here, here and here!
1.       Sand Tropez Tank, Burgundy $36
2.       Hey Lover Kimono $34
3.       Olive Open Back Sweater $49
4.       Violetta Dress $44
5.       Wildling Fringe Sweater $44
  Are stripes your go-to? Do you lean towards polished outfits with lasting style? The classic picks below are for you! With classy necklines, polished collars and scallop hems, these outfits are sure to make you swoon. For additional looks head here, here and here.
1.       Merlot Sleeveless Sweater $42
2.       Whitney Ruffle Neck Tunic $52
3.       Martinique Sweater $44
4.       Denim Darling Coat $79
5.       Kate Top $54

5. Do you get giddy at the sight of lace details? Are delicate florals and feminine colors your go-to? Embrace your inner romantic with the picks below! The airy fabrics and feminine details have will have you swooning. Similar looks also available here , here and here
1.       Crush on You Tunic $44
2.       Holocene Dress $49
3.       Cassiopeia Dress $49
4.       Dreamer Dress $34
5.       Heart Strings Maxi $69

XO Blake

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